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Digital Etiquette Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your child has been contacted to begin online support. We will be using platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and FaceTime for instruction and require you to review the code of conduct below.

  1. It is recommended that a parent/adult should be present at the student’s home when online communications are taking place. If a parent is not able to be there, the student may still take part in the communication with parent consent (please refer to the consent form at the bottom of the page).
  2. During a session, should a child not be following the guidelines that are set out in this document, a session may be terminated, parents will be notified and the child may be removed from any future sessions until a resolution may be found.
  3. School uniform is not required, but students must wear appropriate clothing.  No inappropriate graphics/language on shirts and no tank tops.
  4. If a student is able to attend the live discussion, they should arrive at the Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime a few minutes before the scheduled time to ensure they are ready. Be sure you have all the appropriate school supplies (textbooks, binders, papers, writing utensils, etcetera BEFORE the start of the session, so that you don’t have to leave the meeting to get something.)
  5. Prior to the session occurring, the student should ensure that they are in a place where distractions and extra noise are limited. Students should be in an appropriate learning space.
    Other siblings are not encouraged to be in the session.
  6. Ensure that the student background does not have any photos of other people and that the background is appropriate for others to see.
  7. All students will engage in respectful communication (either as audio communication or through the typed “chat” portion of the platform).
  8. There is NO recording of the session in any format by the student. Students who film, take screenshots, or photograph and forward images of another student or teacher will face disciplinary action and may include the removal from future online classes.

Thank you in advance for helping our staff work with your child as effectively as possible online. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please retype the statement below and send it via email to your teacher:

I, ______________________, agree that it is best practice to have a parent present in the home during online communication with Holy Cross Elementary School. However, if I am unavailable to supervise, I still will provide consent to have this communication continue even when I am not present.

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