Parent Handbook
School Schedules


Pastor Rev. Maciej Wos


Mr. Dino Alberti
Kindergarten Mrs. Angela Colibaba
Kindergarten Mrs. Anna Auld
Kindergarten Mrs. Kari Kozikowski

Grade 1

Mrs. Diana Andriani

Grade 2/ Religion Coord.

Mrs. Teresa Sorace

Grade 3

Miss. Elena Mobilio

Grade 4/Athletic Director

Miss. Kristina Manfron
Grade 5/Enrichment Mrs. Alicia deJager

Grade 5

Mrs. Sabina McCloskey

Grade 6/ Vice Principal

Miss. Charlaine Francis

Grade 7

Mr. Carlo DeFazio

Learning Resource Coord./ Head Teacher

Mrs. Jodi Ferrara
P.E. / Asst. Athletic Director Mr.  Lucas Zucchetto


Liana Ranallo

 French/LRC Mrs. Karen Ponis

LRC/EnrichmentMr. Enzo


Mrs. Fernanda Gentile


Mrs. Maria Alberti


Miss Christina Grasso

EA Miss. Enza Malsegna
EA Miss Christina Pauletto
EA Mrs. Sheri Mainella
EA Mrs. Antonella Percy
EA Mrs. Stephanie Trasolini
EA Mr. Joseph Villella
EA Miss. Rosaria Malsegna
EAMr. Joseph Gabriele
EAMiss Christina Cantafio
EAMiss. Sydney Bell
EAMiss Stefania Memme
After School Care Miss. Rosaria Malsegna
Secretary Mrs. Margaret Tonin

 Accounting Mrs. Jane Cikes
Nurse BBY Health Unit 604-918-7605
BBY Health Unit 604-918-7605
Website Administrator: Laura Marquez


General Guidelines for parents relating to Email:
* Teachers will attempt to reply to all emails within 48 hours
* Teachers will be asked to reply to all emails between 8:00 AM and 4:00PM
* Teachers will not be expected to reply to emails after 4:00 PM. However, that is an option for teachers who prefer to do so.
* Email correspondence should be brief. It is not intended to replace interviews, meetings or pertinent notes, but rather, to set up times for those important meetings, arrange or request homework if and when a student is away, or for clarification regarding a notice (e.g. field trip information).

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