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Holy Cross Elementary School

Grade One

Mrs. Diana Andriani


Dear Grade One Parents,


Welcome to Grade One! I have enjoyed working with your children these first few weeks of school. I am looking forward to a year filled with many exciting learning opportunities ahead.


The students have been introduced to the rules and routines of Grade One. They are becoming familiar with the new classroom, keeping their own desk, organizing school supplies.


The importance of listening attentively, using manners and following school rules has been stressed.


Grade one is a year of continuous growth and development. My aim is to provide a happy and nurturing environment where the students feel secure to learn.


Education is not a race and students will reach goals and experience success at their own pace. I look forward to good home and school connection and a strong partnership in the education of your child.


A variety of themes and activities will provide the framework for developing spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, artistically and physically.


Grade One Curriculum Overview



Christian Education: "Christ Our Life” series, God Is Good will be used. "I’m A Gift From God” program will be used in term three.

We will celebrate and follow the Church year with activities based on the liturgical calendar.


Language Arts: All aspects of Language Arts program such as reading, writing, listening and speaking will be incorporated.


Reading: Reading is an important part of all subject areas. A variety of literature will be used to complement various themes throughout the school year. Students will explore a variety of authors and illustrators. Reading programs such as "Cornerstones”, "Journeys” and "The Literacy Place,” will be used. The students will choose from a variety of books and literature from our classroom and school library. A Home Reading Program will also be introduced in the second term. A Poems, Chants and Songs duo tang will also be used throughout the year.


Writing: Students will be encouraged to write in their journals on a daily basis. A combination of conventional and invented spelling will be used. We will create class big books and write poems and stories following simple story and poem frames.


Phonics: A combination of McCracken spelling lists and Gage Phonics will be used to teach word patterns and spelling.


Printing: We will practice printing stressing the importance of directionality and correct letter formation. Letters should be formed from the top to bottom and with appropriate spacing. It is helpful for parents to also encourage proper pencil grip.


Listening and Speaking: Students will have opportunities to share their ideas. Special helpers may bring in a book to read aloud, a toy, any special item, a rock, a picture, a craft or poster to present to the class. I also encourage students to bring in a simple science experiment to demonstrate and explain to classmates. (Please send in all items and directions so I can help your child along in the process).


Math: Math Makes Sense and Math Their Way and Math Quest Programs will be used. Junk boxes and manipulatives will be used along with daily calendar and graphing activities.


Science/Socials: using an inquiry based and collaborative approach the students will explore a variety of themes.


French: We will learn songs and read books en français. Vocabulary, short phrases will be introduced. The students will be fortunate to see Madame Ponis twice a week .


Art: A variety of art mediums will be explored.


Grade one students have an opportunity to join the craft club.


Music: Thursdays with Ms. Ranallo


Physical Education: P.E. classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday with Mr. Zucchetto We will also have 20-minute fitness block (D.P.A.) daily physical activity time on Wednesday and Thursdays.


Library Book Check Out: Every Tuesday morning. Students may take out two books this year. They must return the books if they wish to take out new books.


Library class: Once a week on Monday the students will have a library class with Mrs. Auld to learn library skills.


Technology: Each week the students will visit the computer lab and have a chance to explore using the apple laptops, and I-pads with Ms. Ranallo. We will also explore I-pads once a week in class.


Buddies: We will meet with our Grade 7 buddies regularly through out the year and participate in a variety of activities. This year we will have one formal buddy gift exchange at Christmas. A letter will be sent closer to this date with further details. In June we will not exchange gifts.


Communion Reception: Grade One families will be asked to help with the Grade two communion reception.





First Term


Each week the students will be given a small package of homework. It will consist of review of concepts in Language Arts and Math. This will be given out each week and must be returned every Monday. The children must use pencil and wax crayons to complete these activities and must remember to include names. Please do not let your child use felt pens or ink pens for this homework.



Second Term


In second term a Home Reading Program will take the place of this homework and the students will be given a book bag with books to read and a log book to be filled out by parents. This program will also contain a journal which the students can write in each week.



All Terms


Sight words will be sent home starting in the first term which should be reviewed at home. When your child has mastered the words in the level they will be tested at school and the next level can be sent home. This is ongoing throughout the school year. Sight words will be taught and reviewed in class as well.


Some students may need and benefit from extra homework or greater challenges in Grade One.


These students are encouraged to work on extra projects in the area of writing and science at home and can share with their classmates and will be rewarded and recognized for their efforts by Mr. Alberti. These students are invited to write and illustrate a story, create a poster project on an area of interest or articulate and demonstrate a science project. (See me if you wish to see examples of past students).


I look forward to a great year ahead and hope that together we can create a strong home, school partnership. This can only be attained with mutual respect, good communication and a team approach.



Sincerely Mrs. Diana Andriani

Grade One Teacher

Holy Cross





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