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Mrs. Colibaba

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kindergarten! Kindergarten is a year of exploration and discovery. In our Kindergarten program, students are given the opportunity to learn about big ideas through differentiated learning, as no two students learn exactly the same. We will incorporate our love of God and our First People's roots into our learning.

At Holy Cross, we are very fortunate to have two Kindergarten teachers teaching each day. This allows us to work with two small groups and have more opportunities to work one-on-one with students. Our head Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Colibaba teachers full time. Mrs. Kozikowski and Mrs. Auld job share and work in kindergarten on opposite days.

Through BC’s curriculum we will explore many big ideas through a cross curricular learning experience.

Our Christian Education program uses the "I am Special” program and the "I am a Gift from God” program. We follow the liturgical year and learn about how Jesus helped others and God’s love for us.

English Language Arts is incorporated into everything we will learn this year. Though literacy centers, our printing program, journal writing and phonics, we will learn the basics of the english language as this will be the foundation of our schooling. Our reading and sight word programs begins in January, however students will have many opportunities to explore books through storytime, book look (silent reading) and listening to stories on CD.

Through the use of manipulatives and other resources, student will learn about a variety of skills in Mathematics including number recognition, counting, shapes, patterning, counting by 5s and 10s, measurement, simple addition and subtraction. These skills will be intertwined into other subjects such as Science and Social Studies.

In Science we will be focused on the features of plants and animals, how humans interact with matter through familiar materials, how motion works, and how daily and seasonal changes affect living things.

Students will learn a lot about themselves and the world around them in Social Studies this year. Students will focus on their community and the people in it, family stories and traditions, and how rights, roles and responsibilities shape our identities and relationships.

We are very fortunate to have specialty teachers and programs at Holy Cross. Mrs. Ponis teaches a wonderful French program twice a week. Students will attend Physical Education with Mr. Zucchetto three days a week, along with Daily Physical Activities classes on opposite days. Ms. Ranallo teaches both Music and Technology weekly. Mrs. Auld, along with teaching in Kindergarten two days of the week, is also our teacher-librarian and she teaches our students about library skills.

Kindergarten is also about social and emotional growth. Students will develop independence in completing tasks and solving small problems. Students will learn to take ownership of their choices and ask for help when necessary. Students will participate in a variety of activities and develop a sense of patience as well as taking turns. Through play students will learn how to develop friendships, solve problems, help others and work together.

The fun in Kindergarten never ends; students will have the opportunity to bring special things for "Show and Tell”, take our classroom mascot, Mr. Frog home for a weekend and take part in Buddy Activities with their grade 6 buddy twice a month. We will embark on 2 field trips during the year, our annual pumpkin patch field trip and a theater performance with the Grade 1 class. Finally we will be celebrating our Kindergarten Graduation in June, before we move on to the big school!

We look forward to a great year, working and growing with our Kindergarten friends!

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