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Dear Grade Two Parents,

Hello and welcome to the beginning of a new school year. I am looking forward to an exciting year.

In general, the Grade Two progam is designed to foster growth and development in each child. Opportunties for spiritual, social, and academic growth will be provided through various activities throughout this year. Students will receive two very special sacraments this year – First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Thank you in advance for your time, cooperation and support.


If at any time during the school year you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and see me or email me at


Mrs. Sorace




An Overview of the School Year



This year’s school theme is: Care for Everyone in Our Common Home.” Most of this year will be focused on sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Religion will be integrated into the curriculum using the Christ Our Life series. Students will have the opportunity to lead daily prayer in the classroom. During the final weeks of the school year, the students will participate in the "I’m a Gift from God” program.



The four aspects of Language Arts – reading, writing, listening and speaking – will be integrated in all subject areas throughout each day.



The children will explore a variety of literature throughout the year. Students will be provided with various reading opportunities such as silent reading, literacy centres, and buddy reading. Our main focuses this year will be on fluency and comprehension. Children will have the opportunity to participate in the Primary Reading Club.



One of our main focuses this year will be learning how to write well-structured sentences and beginning to use compound sentences and paragraphs. Each child will be involved in various writing activities throughout the year. Students will often be expected to write rough drafts of their work before completing a final copy.



The focus in our Spelling units this year is on spelling patterns, specific spelling rules, vowel combinations, blends and high frequency words. On Mondays the weekly Spelling lists will be sent home in the students’ Spelling notebook. The spelling test will take place on Fridays.



Neat and properly formed letters are expected within all written work completed during class time and for homework. Time will be set aside for instruction on proper letter formation.



Through the use of manipulatives and other resources, the students will learn about such topics as Patterns, Number Concepts to 100, Addition and Subtraction to 100, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis. Students will continue to practice their basic addition and subtraction facts throughout the entire school year.


Social Studies:

Regional and global communities are the main focus of the Grade Two Social Studies program. We will begin the year learning about mapping skills.



In Science, students will learn about life cycles of living things, physical and chemical processes, types of forces, and the water cycle and water sources. The students will participate in a number of hands-on activities throughout the year.


Physical Education

Physical Education is taught by Mr. Zucchetto for three 40 minute periods on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please ensure that gym strips are at school on these days.



This year’s Music teacher is Ms. Ranallo. Music classes are on Thursday.



Our Technology class is taught by Ms. Ranallo on Tuesday afternoon.



Library skills are taught to the students every Monday afternoon by Mrs. Auld. Books are checked out on Tuesdays. Library books are due back each Monday.


Daily Physical Activity:

To keep healthy and fit, students will engage in various physical activities that promote strength, endurance, and flexibility for 30 minutes twice a week.



Students are taught French lessons by Mrs. Ponis on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.



Art skills are integrated into the curriculum and will often be connected to various themes discussed in the classroom.





Homework Expectations in Grade Two




The purpose of homework in Grade Two is to reinforce skills taught at school, to establish good study habits, and to foster responsibility and independence by taking work home and returning it to school on time. Often homework will include unfinished work, Spelling exercises and studying for their weekly Spelling tests. Please encourage your child to read for 20 minutes each night.


If your child is not able to complete their homework, please send in a brief note that day.


If your child is absent from school due to a family vacation, homework expectations are as follows:


- read daily for 20 minutes

- keep a travel journal with daily entries. This journal can be sent to school if your child wishes to share it.


Each day the students will write their homework in their agenda book. Parents are asked to initial each entry. The agenda is a great tool to ensure communication between home and school. It is very important that the agenda bag is checked each evening as notices will be placed there.



Upcoming Important Dates:

Oct. 2 - Full School Uniform begins


Oct. 4 - CISVA Cross Country Meet


Oct. 6 – Holy Cross Walk-a-Thon


Oct. 18 – Picture Day - individual


Nov. 7 – Gr. 2 FHC Meeting @ 7:00


Nov. 26 – FHC Enrollment Mass – Liturgy #1 - 10:00 Mass


Dec. 7 – Advent School Mass @9:15 prepared by Grade Twos


Jan. 14 – Liturgy #2 – 10:00 Mass


Feb. 6 – Reconciliation Parent Mtg. @ 7:00


March 1 – First Reconciliation @ 7:00


March 8 – School Mass @ 9:15 prepared by Grade Twos


April 17 – Eucharist Parent Mtg. @ 7:00


April 27 – First Communion Rehearsal @ 4;45 – 6:45


April 28 – First Communion @ 1:00







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