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Welcome to Grade 4!

Teaching Philosophy

  • Learning occurs in a variety of ways and at different rates.
  • It is important to provide the children with a variety of learning experiences that are compatible with all the learning styles and needs present in our class.
  • Children should actively engage in their own learning process.
  • Lessons are formatted in such a way as to promote discovery, creativity, and exploration, as well as cooperative learning opportunities.


Math Program

  • We will use a variety of sources for math work includingMath Makes Sense, Journeys,and teacher created materials.
  • Students will be introduced to new concepts through a variety of hands-on learning activities.
  • On most days, the students will do practice questions in class; however, sometimes students may be given practice questions to be completed at home.
  • At the end of every unit there will be a test and/or assignment for the students to demonstrate what they have learned. Several days notice will be given for major tests.

Social Studies

  • The focus of the social studies program is early contact between explorers and First People
  • We will begin the year learning about European explorers.
  • Second term - fur trade
  • Third term - Confederation


  • First term - biomes
  • Second term - matter / moon phases
  • Third term - energy


  • Each class will have the opportunity to prepare a school Mass during the year. Parents are welcome to attend our school Masses.
  • Thanksgiving Mass - Grade 4 - October 5
  • January 11 Mass - Grade 4
  • We will be using theChrist Our Lifeprogram to enrich the student's knowledge of our Christian Catholic faith.
  • The Archdiocesan theme for this school year is "Care for Everyone in Our Common Home."
  • As a class we will be collecting items for shoeboxes for the poor at Christmas.

Language Arts


  • Reading is an important part of all subject areas. A variety of literature will be used to compliment the various themes this year. Students will read 2 novels in class this year (Stone Fox and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing). Students are encouraged to read at home daily for at least 15 minutes. Students should read both silently and aloud to further develop their reading skills.


  • The overall writing process (pre-writing, drafting, editing, proofreading, publishing, and presenting) will be explored. Students will also learn about writing paragraphs, developing short stories, writing poems, report writing, and journal writing.


  • Weekly spelling words will be given on Mondays. Activities to reinforce the pattern(s) will be handed out on Tuesdays. These activities will be due on Thursdays. Formal spelling tests will be given on Fridays. Please ensure your child studies the weekly words on a daily basis.

Grammar and Handwriting:

  • Students will do weekly grammar and handwriting activities in their workbooks throughout the year. Students will be required to handwrite some assignments to demonstrate their ability to use handwriting in their daily work in the third term.

Listening and Speaking:

  • Various listening and speaking experiences will be provided. Students will also be involved in choral speaking, oral reading, presentations, discussions, and drama.

Physical Education

  • P.E. will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with Mr. Zucchetto. The children should bring their full P.E. uniform on these days. Fitness Blocks will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. The children will only need their runners on these days.


  • Library class with Mrs. Auld takes place on Mondays. Book exchange will be on Friday afternoons; therefore, please ensure your child returns his/her library books to school every Thursday in order to be able to check out new books.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Holy Cross offers many extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in the various activities offered throughout the school year.
  • Cross Country is a great opportunity for students to begin participating in school sports.


  • Students will be provided with many opportunities for enrichment either in class or through our Enrichment Program with Mr. Riccardi. Students will be referred to the Enrichment Program each term by the classroom teachers (in consultation with Mr. Riccardi).


  • Students will receive ample time to study for tests.
  • Study guides will be provided to students.
  • Tests will come home via their agenda and must be signed and returned to school the next day.
  • This year the format and time of the FSA's have changed to align with the revised curriculum.
  • October 4 - November 10
  • Please refrain from booking any trips during this time. We will be sending out a detailed scheduled shortly.
  • Online math and reading
  • Written math, reading response, paragraph, and story
  • Beginning prep in class

Book Orders

  • Please ensure any money sent to school is sealed in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child's name and grade clearly printed on the front. All money and notes should be handed in first thing in the morning.
  • Please note that for Scholastic book orders only cheques payable to Scholastic Canada are accepted. No cash please.


  • Weknow birthdays are very exciting events and want to recognize students on their special day.Pleaselet us know ahead of time if you wish to bring treats into the class for your child's birthday.
Field Trips
  • Permission forms for field trips will be sent home a few weeks in advance of the field trip.Parent volunteers are required for each out-of-school field trip. Please understand that we cannot usually bring all the parents that volunteer on each field trip. We will do our best to ensure different parents have the opportunity to come on field trips throughout the year.
  • Maritime Museum - November 29
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Please ensure your child has read the front section of their planner with the school expectations and code of conduct. In class, we will be discussing what we want our class to be like and create a positive classroom environment.We will work on problem solving and learning how to treat others respectfully throughout theyear.Students are expected to follow class and school rules at all times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I am looking forward to a great year!!

Miss Kristina Manfron

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