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Welcome to Meet the Teacher Night!


Dear Parents,


Welcome back! We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to grade five. As teachers, we value the opportunity to meet with you and to highlight expectations for the upcoming year. We are eager to work with your children not only for educational purposes, but also for building a strong relationship with Christ. Although the year has only just begun, the class has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity and we look forward to learning along side your child this school year.


As you may be aware, there is a new revised BC curriculum in place. However, do not panic. The government is still in the process of making final details. However, the key highlight is that the focus of the revised curriculum is on the process, making choices and integrating more technology in learning. As well, grade five will focus on instilling in students a responsible,independent, and matureattitude which will be a necessary foundation in their academic studies. We hope to provide our students with a learning environment in which all students feel welcomed, safe, and eager to share their knowledge.


We would like to stress the importance of communication. It is essential for the school and the parents to work together to provide an environment that enhances learning. It there are any concerns, please feel free to contact us at the school or through e mail.


Just a few notes to start the year off right:


Classroom Guidelines and Expectations:

We have discussed with the students the importance of having guidelines and rules to follow in the classroom. The guidelines stress positive behaviours and are very important for a successful learning environment. Each member of the class is expected to be respectful and responsible. They are to always give their best effort in every aspect of their work and attitude. They are to ensure that their work is neat, accurate, and completed to the best of their ability.



Self discipline is very important in the area of homework assignments. Each child needs to keep a record of their daily assignments in the Agenda book which should be brought home every day as a source of information and reminders. If a situation arises where homework could not be completed, please send a note with your child and we will do our best to accommodate the student in special circumstances. However, if homework is incomplete or handed in late without a note from a parent, a homework excuse form will be given and needs to be signed and brought back the next day. This homework excuse form is one way to communicate between the teacher and the parents. Students will need to stay in either at recess or lunch in order to complete the assignment.

Homework Board:


Students are entering their second year in the intermediate level and therefore, they are expected to continue using their student agendas to record their homework assignments. Our homework board is set up slightly different this year. Homework is written down by subject and by due date. Students need to check and record their weekly assignments and test on a daily basis. They are to copy down everything that they have for homework, as it is written on the board. This will help each child to learn how to plan ahead and how to budget their time, especially with so many extracurricular activities open to the grade 5 students.


Organization and Preparation:

  • Planner is brought to school everyday
  • All necessary materials are brought to school everyday
  • Papers are put into duo tangs and planners promptly
  • Notebooks and duo tangs are organized
  • Desks are kept tidy and neat


Curriculum Overview

Religion: (Mrs. McCloskey and Mrs. de Jager)

·focus on the sacraments, especially the Eucharist

·focus on the parts of the Mass

·Personal Planning will be Incorporated throughout the year

Language Arts:

·program includes: reading, writing, speaking and listening

·skills will be developed through novel studies, journal writing, paragraph writing, read aloud, weekly spelling activities and grammar activities

Reading/Novel Studies: (Mrs. de Jager)

·We will be reading Holes and Maniac Magee this year

Writing: (Mrs. McCloskey)

·focus on writing paragraphs and story writing

Spelling: Spelling 5 (both teachers)

·Pretest on Mondays and final test on Fridays


Socials: (Mrs. McCloskey)

·Topics related to Canada will be addressed including Canadian geography, mapping skills, immigration, discrimination and government

Science: (Mrs. de Jager)

·We will be looking at 4 units this year: sustainability, simple machines, human body, solutions/solubility

Math: (Mrs. McCloskey and Mrs. de Jager)

·Math Makes Sense 5, Journeys 5, and Teacher Created Materials


Art: (Mrs. McCloskey)

·Activities related to artistic expression will be integrated with language arts, social studies, science, and seasonal themes

French (Mrs. Ponis)

Music: (Ms. Ranallo)

Library: (Mrs. Auld)

Enrichment: (Mr. Riccardi)

Technology: (Ms. Ranallo)

P.E: (Mr. Zucchetto)



We believe that the role of a student is to be an active participant in his/her learning and demonstrate responsible work habits. We also expect students to have a stimulating year where they are not afraid to ask questions and to take risks. We will do our best to provide a classroom environment where students will recognize the importance of making mistakes and recognizing that it is an integral part of the learning process.


Thank you for your cooperation and support! We look forward to working with your child this year.





Mrs. S. McCloskey

Mrs. A. de Jager










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