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Welcome to Grade 7 at Holy Cross!

I am incredibly honoured and thrilled to be able to experience this Grade 7 year with all of you and your children. It is a pleasure to work with such an amazing group of students and I look forward to the year ahead.

This page includes information about the curriculum, the classroom expectations, and the important events that will happen throughout the course of the year. If you have questions regarding anything discussed here, feel free to ask me in person, contacting me through the school office at 604 299-3530, the 'Remind' App, or through email at

My Philosophy:

I am not just a teacher. I am an initiator of curiosity, a mentor, a coach, and, most of all, a facilitator of learning. Our classroom will be a learning community driven by respect, fairness, and character. I will encourage the students to push themselves in all categories by challenging them daily in order to get their personal best every single day. I plan for the students to not only learn but toexperiencethe curriculum, encouraging them to take risks, make mistakes, and ask questions at the same time. I plan to design and implement learning experiences for students that are engaging, creative and meaningful.I aim to teach students by using lessons that promote imagination, discovery, critical thinking, and fun, as well as many cooperative learning opportunities.

-Mr. C. DeFazio

Curriculum Overview



The theme for this year is "Care for Everyone in Our Common Home" and our focus will be to find the love that God gives use through the gift of creation and spread his love to our community. We will seek God's creative hand through reading scripture, exploring the lives of saints, participating in the Sacraments, reflection, and performing acts of charity.

Grade 7 is a Sacramental year where we prepare to be Confirmed by learning more about our Catholic faith through the textsChrist Our Life,Confirmed in the Spirit, and "The Grade 7 Confirmation Study Guide."

At the end of term two, students and their parents will participate in theLove and Lifeprogram. The school will provide all resources related to this program.


We will develop a deeper understanding of numbers, patterns & relations, shape & space, and statistics & probability. We will mainly useMath Links 7as our text and will engage with the material through hands-on activities, drills, and problem solving exercises.


We will refine our reading skills by practicing strategies from Adrienne Gear'sReading Power.Reading Powerempowers students to become thoughtful and meaningful readers by giving them tools that allow them to be "meta-cognitive" or aware of their thinking while they read. We will mainly be using theSightlinestext to explore a variety of text genres and types. In addition, we will also be doing a few novel studies and participate in literacy circles.

We will become proficient writers by practicing strategies fromWriting Power, also by Adrienne Gear.Writing Powerwill show us how to engage and invite our readers' thinking through our writing. We will useSightlines,Communicating Skills 7,Language and Writing 7, andSpelling Workout Gas our main texts.

We will become confident and thoughtful speakers by delivering various presentations and participating in public speaking events.

Social Studies

This year's focus will be on ancient civilizations and our main text will beAncient Worlds 7.We will explore the history of peoples and places like Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece and conduct an inquiry into how these past civilizations have shaped our identity today.


This year's areas of interest include hypothesizing and developing experiments, ecosystems, chemistry, evolution, and the earth's changing environment. We will useBC Science 7as our main text. We will also learn through conducting experiments.

Health and Career Education

With the aim of "caring for everyone in our common home," we will promote positive relationships and deeds in our communities (classroom, school, beyond the school) through performing acts of service and demonstrating excellent leadership. We will study topics that include goal setting, successful work habits, maintaining good emotional and physical health, as well as safe and morally sound decision-making. We will also begin exploring various careers and job opportunities and learn some skills that will help us choose which path will bring us joy.


Our art education will be integrated in a variety of ways with our other study areas. We will emphasize learning about how we can manipulate a variety of materials and media so as to be able to express ourselves in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Routines, Procedures and Expectations

Morning Routine

Students will have an opportunity to unpack their bag and store their belongings into their locker. They will also receive their own combination lock in order to better prepare themselves for high school transitions.

Finish Up Work is to be dropped off (or submitted online) the morning of the due date in the class inbox. Assignments handed in later will be considered late.

Students who have any forms, letters, or money to hand in must drop them off in the class inbox.


Students must be attentive, reverent, respectful, and actively participating in prayer.

Students must know common Catholic prayers such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and the Apostle's Creed (it is a good idea to pray these are home with them, before meals, special occasions, etc.).

Lunch Routine

Students are expected to bring their own healthy lunches to school.

All student food waste and lunch items are to be brought home to help be properly recycled.

Physical Education

Students are expected to wear their proper gym strip, especially running shoes, when engaging in physical activity. This is for their own safety and comfort. Students who fail to have their full gym strip ready will have to sit out of any physical activities for the day.

All student clothing and items should be clearly marked with their name.

Students mustwash their gym strip regularlyto avoid bacteria and odor build-up.

It is strongly recommended thatstudents begin using deodorant and/or antiperspirantduring this age to maintain good hygiene. They should also be considerate to those with scent allergies and sensitivities by choosing, whenever possible, to use products that are scent-free or mildly scented.

Agendas and Finish Up Work (Homework)

Students have an agenda book that they are supposed to use to write down their daily assignments. There might be times when the teacher sends notes to the student's parents/guardians through the agenda. Agendas should be taken home by the student daily. It is important that parents to check their child's agendas frequently.

Students are expected to hand in their finish up work on time. Should a circumstance arise preventing a student to miss a deadline, the student must notify the teacher of the situation. The teacher will award an extension if needed and if there is a valid reason.

Students who miss any work (both in class and homework) are required to hand in any missed work for marks as soon as possible, provided that they have a valid reason for their absence.

Special Events (Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.)

Students are encouraged to make celebrations a regular part of their school life.


We celebrate each students' birthday in class by singing together "Happy Birthday" to the celebrant.

If you want to bring food or any goodie bags to the classroom to celebrate your child's birthday please make sure that:

You inform the teacher of your plans at least one day before

All items are nut-free (due to allergies in the classroom)

It is easy to distribute

There is enough for all students (there are 32 grade 7 students in total)

If you are planning a celebration outside of school, here are a few things to consider:

You are allowed to distribute invitations during at the school only if you plan to invite the whole class, or all the boys only, or all the girls only. (Being excluded from such events is often very isolating and painful for students who don't get invited)

If you are only able to accommodate a certain number of children in your celebration, please avoid doing this during school hours. It is best to send invitations by contacting the other student's parents directly.


Students have an assigned locker for the year. They have privilege of storing their bags, jackets, gym strips, and other school related materials in their assigned locker.

We value each student's rights to privacy. However, it is the school's safety policy that the administration should have access to all student lockers at any time and do have their lock combination on file for this reason.

Students are not allowed to deface or damage the lockers.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

My door is always open for any inquiries or concerns that parents may have about their child's schooling or academics. You may contact me in person, or by letters/notes, or by calling the office at604 299-3530.

If you'd like to meet in person, I always appreciate to know what we're meeting about beforehand as this provides me with an opportunity to be adequately prepared to address your concern or to provide you with information. Please do not hesitate to share with me any thoughts, ideas, or concerns as this will greatly aid me in helping your child become the best learner she/he can be.

Important Dates and Events

Please notify the teacher immediately if you child cannot attend any of these dates

Oct. - Nov. 2017

(Dates TBA) @ HCS

Foundational Skills Assessments (FSA)

The BC Ministry of Education requires every grade 7 student to complete a BC wide assessment test prepared by the Ministry of Education to ensure students are learning the BC curriculum.


November 5, 2017

10am-6pm @ TBA

Spirit Day

Spirit Dayis designed to celebrate the Grade 7 students of our Archdiocese and has grown tremendously since the inaugural event in February 2005. This event will get participants excited about receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, and awaken the Holy Spirit in young and old alike. The day will include sessions, testimonies, games, music, skits, prayer, food, and Mass.

November 7-10, 2017

Tuesday - Friday

@ Camp Timberline

Grade 7 Outdoor Education

Grade 7 class will stay at Camp Timberline for 4 days and 3 nights. This will be a trip that aims to foster faith development, team building, cooperation, and self-discovery. Parents are invited to come up for a Mass and some camp fun on the Wednesday evening.


(Date TBA) @ HCS


Grade 7 students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Mr. Carlo DeFazio
Grade 7 Teacher
Holy Cross Elementary

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