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Learning Resource at Holy Cross Elementary School

Our school is committed to helping all students be successful in their learning. Our Learning Resource Centre is comprised of two full time and one part time learning resource teachers, educational assistants, and teacher assistants. Our department also has an Orton Gillingham trained EA who works with our students. Our team members work together with the classroom teachers to support the needs of the students. Our goal for our students is to:

  • become more independent and resourceful learners
  • learn to set, monitor and self-assess individual goals
  • develop effective learning strategies that they can adapt to various learning situations
  • feel successful with minimum frustration
  • develop the belief that they can succeed and learn
  • develop increasing confidence in themselves as learners

To achieve these goals learning resource can take different forms. Sometimes, support is provided in the classroom and at other times in a pull out basis; both in small group and with individual students. By working together, we can give all students the best opportunities to reach their personal potential.

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