August 28, 2020 Weekly Principal’s Memo

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather with your families. I’d like to inform you all that we are working very hard at our school to ensure that all our Students will have a safe return to the classroom on September 10. Please feel free to refer to the revised Holy Cross Health & Safety Plan which is now on our website (kindly note that changes to this document are possible as we go forward).

For planning purposes and due to COVID-19 regulations, please take note of the following items…

  • The TAC Program will continue to be offered after school starting September 10 (more details forthcoming).
  • There will be no drop-off at the school before 8:30am.
    • Kindly note that there will be no extra-curricular programming prior to 8:30am.
  • All Students must leave the school grounds by 3:10pm.
    • Exceptions will be made for those Students in TAC and extra-curricular programming.
  • The Adventure Playground is not open to the public at any time. Classes will be assigned to the Adventure Playground during school hours only (8:55am-3:00pm) on a weekly basis.
  • The Walkathon will take place as scheduled on October 9.
    • Please note that adjustments to timing and Parent Volunteers will be required.
  • Parent Volunteers in the school building during school hours (8:55am-3:00pm) will be highly reduced (details of these revisions will be forthcoming).
  • Before contacting the School Administration with any questions, please carefully review the Revised Health & Safety Plan on our school website and the letter issued via email by our Superintendent on August 25.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and patience as we continue providing you with information in regards to our restart plan (more information about the school reopening will be forthcoming in next week’s memo)


Mr. Dino Alberti