February 25, 2021 Weekly Principal’s Memo

Good evening Everyone,

Please take note of the following important information…

  • Friday, February 26
    • 2020 Tax Receipts are being sent home with your children today. Please check your children’s bag.
  • Tuesday, March 2
    • Dr. Seuss Day Activity (Gr. 2)
  • Wednesday, March 3
    • Hot Lunch (Pizza)
  • Thursday, March 4
    • World Feast Day Activity (Gr. 6)
  • Monday, March 8
    • Class Photo Day
      • Very important that students come to school in full uniforms on this date including their sweater and proper shoes.
  • Tuesday, March 9
    • Student Council Green Colours Day
      • Students are welcome to come to school wearing green clothing items. Please bring a loonie if you wish to enter the lucky prize draw in support of Catholic Charities.
    • Registration Packages for 2021-22 to be sent home with your children today. Please check your children’s bag.
  • Wednesday, March 10
    • Hot Lunch (Pizza)
    • AGM at 6:30pm
      • This year, the AGM will take form of a virtual presentation in video format that will be sent out directly to families via email. Kindly note that this video will only be made available for 24 hours.
  • Thursday, March 11
    • Term 2 CSLs sent home along with the Student Led Conferencing Package that your child has prepared to share with you. (Please sign and have your child return their report card cover upon returning after Spring Break).
    • Last day of school for students before Spring Break
  • Friday, March 12
    • Registration for 2021/22 from 8:30am – 3:30pm
      • Registration packages can be dropped off at the Main School Entrance in one of two labelled drop-off bins (Family Names A-K in Bin A and Family Names L-Z in Bin B).
      • We kindly ask that you carefully complete the registration package this year as it will not be checked upon submission due to COVID-19 Regulations. Therefore, it is important to understand that incomplete packages will be sent home to be completed once again which would further delay the process.
      • Please note that due to COVID-19, Student Led Conferences are taking place at home this year. We kindly request that you take the time to review and discuss the contents of the Student Led Package with your child.
      • No formal classes on this date.
  • Saturday, March 13
    • Registration for 2021/22 from 9:30am – 11:00am
      • Registration packages can be dropped off at the Main School Entrance
  • Saturday, March 13 – Sunday, March 28
    • Spring Break (No Classes)
  • Monday, March 29
    • School Re-opens at 8:55am

Other Information
*A kind reminder to all of our families (particularly on days of good weather) that our students should be picked up and brought to the cars as soon as possible in an effort to ensure minimal social gathering and proper social distancing at pick-up times. We are kindly requesting that parents wear their masks in the pick-up area after-school. A very special thank you to those parents who are already doing so.

*Our sincere gratitude goes out to our families at Holy Cross School for continuing to follow the protocols laid out in our 2020 Health & Safety Plan. We continue to advise families of our school community to err on the side of caution when deciding to send your children to school. We strongly recommend you keep your child at home if they are sick or if they present any symptoms listed on the COVID-19 checklist. Kindly note that Holy Cross School must adhere to strict guidelines from Fraser Health and the Provincial Health Authority in regards to any COVID-19 related issues (re. notifications for exposures, isolations, clearance to return to school, privacy matters, etc…). In light of the latest press conference held by Dr. Bonnie Henry, we are very pleased with how well our school has been able to conform with the guidelines as laid out in the BCCDC Health & Safety Checklist. We have gone through the lengthy documentation and have made some minor adjustments in our school’s Health & Safety Plan. I continue to commend our school community for their responsible cooperation with our Health & Safety Guidelines and I strongly urge our parents to continue with their diligence in this area. As a group, I believe we can continue to manage COVID-19 issues at the school level, but it is critical as our Provincial Health Officer regularly mentions that these guidelines are followed outside of the school as well. Thus far, your discretion and judgement has been outstanding and it has helped to maintain a safe school environment for all of us.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,

Mr. Dino Alberti