HCS Weekly Principal’s Memo – April 3, 2020

I hope everyone is doing their best to cope with the daily challenges that are being presented to us by the current COVID-19 situation. These are obviously difficult times; however, these times have also encouraged us to reconnect with our families by spending more direct time with them. It is likely as time passes and we reflect on this particular period in history, we will probably have learned many lessons, but we will cherish the times that we spent together as a family.

Going forward, I would like to start off by thanking everybody for making our student supplies/assignment package pick-up go so smoothly and effectively yesterday. Every single student bag was picked up. It is important for our students to stay on top of the work that is being sent home to them by the teachers. The teachers will be providing plenty of enrichment/educational opportunities to keep your children stimulated at home above and beyond the daily assignments. This delivery of education is new for all of us, so we continue to ask for your patience and cooperation. Please also keep in mind that all Sacramental preparation meetings will be postponed until further notice.

With the increased time now being spent on electronic devices, interaction via technology will obviously be more prevalent. It is very important for parents to remind their children that they should always be mindful of their conduct during these communication times. Our students should always be aware of their conduct regarding subject matter, language, and content. We are hoping that students’ electronic device skills & behavior will improve due to this extra time they will now be spending online.

A sincere thank you for your continued support,

Mr. Dino Alberti