HCS Weekly Principal’s Memo – May 14, 2020

Good Afternoon,

I’d like to start off by sincerely thanking you once again for the wonderful job that you are doing as Parents with the Children of our School Community. I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support of our Educational Staff.

Please note that tomorrow will be our first ever Titans Community Re-connecting Parade. Please ensure that you stick to the scheduled arrival times as indicated below. We ask that all people arrive using the entrance in the front parking lot using only right-hand turns and exit from the North parking lot using only right-hand turns. Although all Staff will be spaced out using current social distancing guidelines, we ask all of our families who will be participating to keep their children in their cars and keep their vehicles moving as they progress through the parade. As you are proceeding through the parking lot, the Teachers will be greeting the Students from the passenger side of your car. Please note that participation in the parade is optional. Also note that with the Long Weekend coming up, our School will go offline tomorrow at 11:30am and will go back online on Tuesday morning at 9:00am providing our regular Continued Learning Program.

Lastly, although there has much been said about our Students returning to school in the last week of May or first week of June, we are still awaiting some sort of clarity and directions from the Minister of Education and our Superintendent’s Office as per what that may look like. Please note that I ask for your continued patience in how you start preparing for a possible return to school as we hope to receive some clear direction from our Educational Authorities by the end of this week or early next week. Although the School has some preliminary plans in place, it would be premature to announce or commit to those plans without final directives from the Minister of Education and our CISVA Superintendent’s Office.

Have a nice Long Weekend,

Mr. Dino Alberti



Titans Community Reconnection Rally

Date: Friday, May 15th
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm (see schedule for allotted times)
Who: Holy Cross Community
Where: Holy Cross Parking Lot
Reason: To reconnect our Holy Cross Community and share some positivity and smiles (keeping all current social distancing guidelines in mind)

Time Allotments 

12:00 – 12:15: Last names starting with A-D

12:15 – 12:30: Last names starting with E-L

12:30 – 12:45: Last names starting with M-R

12:45 – 1:00: Last names starting with S-Z

Requests of the Students

  • On Thursday or Friday morning, create a poster with a message (ie. I miss you, Hello from the _____ family, Go Titans, etc.)
  • Families are welcome to decorate the car
  • Students are encouraged to wear their favourite Titans Gear and Blue Jeans in support of Children’s Hospital

Parents & Students

  • Arrive at the school in your vehicles for the car parade during allotted time
  • Enter the Holy Cross Parking lot via the South Entrance (RIGHT HAND TURNS ONLY)
  • Make way through the parade route in the school parking lot (set up similar to after school pick up)
  • Exit parking lot via North Exit (RIGHT HAND TURNS ONLY)
  • Please keep the flow of the parade moving by following traffic instructions and avoiding stops