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Dear Parents:

Welcome to a new school year! We will once again be offering a series of hot lunches for children in Grades K-7 every Wednesday beginning September 18, 2019. The only exceptions this term are Thursday, October 3, 2019 and the Walkathon, Friday, October 11, 2019. There will be a complimentary hot dog, juice and Lay’s chips after the walk instead of hot lunch on Wednesday that week.

The hot lunch menu items includes the following:

  • pizza – choice of cheese, pepperoni or hawaiian (2 of the same slices per order)
  • grilled cheese – with ham or without ham
  • hot dog – jumbo all beef hot dog on a white bun
  • chicken burger – with or without cheese on a white bun
  • chicken strips – breaded white meat chicken strips with a white bun
  • pasta day – penne pasta in meat or white sauce with garlic bread, snack (cookie or similar) and juice only

All meals, except where noted, come with chips or a sweet snack (various) and a choice of apple juice, 2% milk or reduced sugar chocolate milk. Meal cost is $6.00 each. We are able to offer an extra chicken burger, hot dog or grill cheese for an additional $2.00 to the regular meal price.

Returning parents, you can use your existing account information. There is a “forgot password” link below the login button (if needed).

New parents, please set up one account per family.

ALL parents will need to choose the grade that each child is now in so their orders will go to the correct classroom.

Please go to https://munchalunch.com/schools/HolyCrossElementary/ for the ordering process. All hot lunches for Term 1 (September to January) need to be ordered by Wednesday, September 11, 2019.  No late additions will be accepted.

Payment, please submit a cheque or cash to the school office or class teacher for your payment, ONE cheque per family is preferred. Please do NOT put cheques in envelopes but do write your hot lunch ORDER NUMBER(S) or child’s name in the memo part of the cheque.

IMPORTANT: Each term there is at least one complimentary hot lunch.  Even if you don’t want any other lunches, please register online and only order the complimentary lunch so we have accurate numbers for these lunches.

Munch A Lunch Online Ordering Instructions

Go to https://munchalunch.com/schools/HolyCrossElementary/ to either register an account for your family, or to login to your existing account.  You will set up all of your children within the one account, and each will be linked by their grade.

  • choose your child’s name click through the steps to order the items your child would like for each date.
  • Each meal includes a snack and a drink. If your child does not want to have either the snack or the drink you can choose the “no drink” or “no snack” item to complete the combo.  The cost however, will remain the same.
  • For hot dogs and chicken burgers there is an option to purchase an additional meal item for $2. This option is only available after you choose the main combo item.
  • When you select the menu items from the left, you need to then click the ADD arrow in the middle to finish the process for that date. You will see the items ordered on the right side of the screen.
  • Click next to go to the next date, or use the drop down menu to skip to a certain date.
  • Click “show calendar” at the bottom for a calendar view of all lunches.
  • After you have ordered what you want for each hot lunch date, there will be a review page with an option to go back and edit or continue.
  • The next screen allows you another chance to delete any unwanted dates (for example, for the Grade 7 field trip Nov. 6 – 8).
  • There is then one more screen, with your child’s name at the top, to review exactly what was ordered, the total cost, and a button to go back and edit or submit your order.  When you press submit you will be emailed a copy of your order.
  • You can leave some dates blank if you are unsure and go back to add them before the due date, but once ordered, you will need to contact a hot lunch coordinator to change or delete a selection.  Due to bulk ordering, changes may not be possible after the deadline of September 11, 2019.
  • The day before each week’s hot lunch you will be sent an email reminder of what you ordered for each child.
ORDERING DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Kindly contact Ebony Marconato with questions regarding the hot lunch program and Pina Fernandes for ordering issues and the school office for payment questions.

Thank you for your continued support!


Ebony Marconato (emarconato@shaw.ca)
Pina Fernandes (pinaf@shaw.com)

Hot Lunch Coordinators