May 1, 2020 Weekly Principal’s Memo

I hope your families are safe and doing well as we continue to work through this time of uncertainty in our Community as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. I believe the Parents of our School Community should be highly commended for their perseverance and patience as they continue to work together with our Educational Staff. We thank you for the continued outpouring of positive and constructive feedback that has been offered to our Educational Staff over the past few weeks. Our Educational Staff continues to work extremely hard as they endeavor to provide the best Continued Learning Program as possible.

As per my comment last week, the quality of our Student’s work continues to be impressive. However, I still am kindly reminding you to explain to your children the importance of paying attention to directions given by the Teachers on the assignments being delivered. In some cases, it seems that Students are rushing to simply “just complete” the assignments rather than taking the extra time to “complete the assignments properly”. I would like to thank so many of the Students in our School Community for continuing to strive to be the best students they can be under the challenging circumstances they have been presented with on a daily basis. At the end of all of this, there will have been a lot of speed bumps along the road to success, however, I strongly believe that these circumstances will have greatly improved all of our Student’s abilities to work as independent learners in some shape or form.

Please note that May 1st marks the beginning of the Month of Mary and I kindly request that our children try to start each day with a “Hail Mary”. Also note that on May 7th we will be celebrating National Children’s Book Day (Ms. Ripoli will be sending out some special activities for the day).

In closing, I would like to express to all of the Parents in our School Community that we will continue to take the directives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and our CISVA Superintendent’s Office in determining the direction of our Educational Programming going forward.

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend,

Mr. Dino Alberti