May 29, 2020 Weekly Principal’s Memo

Dear Parents,

I want to thank all of you for making the month of May quite productive and positive in spite of the uncertain times we continue to find ourselves in. I once again would like to thank all the Families who took the time to properly complete and submit our survey (98% of the Families returned it). Please also note that the teachers have worked very hard to set their classes up based on the response provided by the Parent Survey.

As I indicated in our earlier memos, we fully support whatever decision you have made. However, please understand that as of today our in-school program cannot be looked at as a drop-in or drop-out type of learning environment. A great deal of effort has gone into arranging things such as seating plans, line-up procedures, etc., to adhere to many of the social distancing regulations. I thank you for your commitment either way in this matter.

A few important details for our Students returning to pay attention to:

  • Make sure your Child has a filled water bottle that is sealed properly before being put into their carry bag.
  • Please ensure that your Child has plenty of snacks and a healthy lunch because we are encouraging Parents to not come to the school and drop-off lunches.
  • Students are encouraged also to wear or bring a jacket/sweat-top since there will be many activities taking place outdoors. (Please note that the jacket or sweat-top does not need to be Holy Cross uniform).
  • All school supplies and anything that your Child may need throughout the day should fit in their carry bag (please note that that carry bag and its contents will be coming home every day).
  • If your Child wishes to wear a mask, that would up to you as parents as the school does not require them (the same option is being presented to our Staff).
  • All Students should be bringing their own basic writing tools and as other things may be required, your Teachers will let you know.
  • All personal items must be labeled with your Child’s name.
  • The School Uniform was discussed in my memo on Monday so please refer to that.
  • The School Safety Plan and Student Daily Health Checklist are listed on our website under “COVID-19 Documents”.
  • If your Child is absent, you must inform the School Office as regular procedure. As previously mentioned in my memo, it is expected that Students who are returning to the school attend regularly.

Morning Drop-Off

Students are expected to be dropped-off no earlier than 8:30am. Students are to proceed directly to their assigned cones which are organized by grade. They will be entering the school no later than 8:45am.

After-school Pick-Up
Please note that our after-school pick-up will be altered to adhere to social distancing and will be as follows.

2:45pm – K & Gr.1
2:50pm – Gr. 2 & 3
2:55pm – Gr. 4 & 5

It is hoped with this process that all of our Students will be picked up safely by 3:05pm. We are not encouraging Parents to schedule play or group activities on our school grounds since we are refraining from those activities throughout the day. The adventure playground will be continued to be closed until further notice.

Grade 6 & 7 Students

The morning drop-off notes above still apply, however, the pick-up times are staggered. Grade 6 will be dismissed at 2:55pm and Grade 7 will be dismissed at 3:00pm. For Grades 6 & 7, it is expected for Students to be picked-up and be off school grounds by 3:10pm at the latest.

As we are doing our best to educate and model the concept of Social Distancing to our Students, it is also important for our Parent Community to do the same during pick-up and drop-off times. Please relay this information to grand-parents or other guardians who may be picking up your Child.


Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown in our schools, there were a few instances where Students were sent to school in the morning and subsequently being sent home before Recess because they were visibly sick. As per current and past Health & Safety Protocols, we strongly stress that your Child should not be sent to school if they have absolutely any signs or symptoms of illness.

As we return in the month of June, there will be no Hot Lunch Programming. For those Students returning in the Fall, their account will be credited with the money remaining.

Grade 7 Families who would like to have their money refunded, please contact the school office.

Please do not bring any technological devices to school. This includes those devices that were borrowed from Holy Cross. Those Students who have borrowed devices will still require them for home activities and online learning assignments so these devices will be returned at the end of June.

As we look forward to our return on June 1, we kindly request that the Parents take some time over the weekend to remind your children about what Social Distancing is and looks like. This will help us in great lengths as we try to clearly instill Social Distancing Guidelines throughout the day and in all activities.

The Titan Community is unique and special. I am most proud of how the Holy Cross Community has stood out in the areas of pride, faith, community, and humility during this COVID-19 shutdown and I look forward to welcoming our Families back.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Dino Alberti