September 18, 2020 Weekly Principal’s Memo

Good morning Everyone,

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for making the first full week back at Holy Cross a very successful one for the entire school community. The Educational Staff and Parents have worked extremely well together and I am grateful for that.

Please take note of the following important information…

  • Sunday, September 20
    • Holy Cross Parish Frozen Salmon Sale
      • Every year, Holy Cross Parish hosts a Salmon BBQ. Due to COVID-19 regulations, this will not be possible this year. However, due to the generosity of the Polonio Family, we will provide our parents with the opportunity to purchase frozen slabs of pacific salmon. There is a limited supply and they will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis at a limit of 2 per customer. Salmon will be sold from 9:00am-11:00am outside of the Gym Kitchen at $20 per frozen portion (cash or cheque only). All proceeds from the sale will be split between the Parish and the School. Please respect social distancing rules.
  • Monday, September 21
    • CISVA Temporary Transition (Option 4) Begins
      • An educator from your child’s classroom cohort will make contact with you by the end of the day today with programming plans. If you have not been contacted by 3:30pm, please contact your classroom teacher.
      • Please refer back to the initial parent survey to view what Option 4 – Temporary Transition entails.
      • The Office has received a few questions, so in an effort to further clarify please read the following carefully. Monday morning at 9:00am will be the absolute deadline if any families wish to change their mind and return to the classroom this week. After 9:00am, the following are the options for return as stated in the initial survey.
        • Option 1 Return: Tuesday, October 13, 2020, with one week notice required by October 6th.
        • Option 2 Return: Monday, November 16, 2020, with one week notice required by November 9th.
        • Prior to November 16th, notification will be provided to our Parent Community if this option will be extended past this date.
    • Deadlines for Health & Safety Check Form and acknowledgement of receiving the “Meet the Teacher” package.
    • Extra-curricular programming begins.
      • Please refer to the memos sent home by your coaches
  • Tuesday, September 22
    • Hot Lunch Payment Due
  • Wednesday, September 23
    • Hot Lunch (Pizza)
  • Thursday, September 24
    • Walk-a-thon Tracking Slip #2 due
  • Saturday, September 26
    • First Holy Communion for current Grade 3 class (last year’s Grade 2 class)
      • Please refer to the memo sent home by Mrs. Sorace for details
  • Tuesday, October 6
    • Individual Photo Day
      • Please mark this important day in your calendar.

On Wednesday, September 16, we launched our annual Walk-a-thon Fundraiser Event with our student community. I am very pleased to announce that in just over 24 hours, over $10,000 has been already pledged. Please note that monies derived from this annual event will go directly to our school’s Technology Program, Fine Arts Program, and the Earthquake Supply Replenishment Program. We would like to thank the parents for their cooperation in working with the new OnVolunteers Portal and filling volunteer positions. Currently, we still require one Grade 4 parent as a raffle volunteer. The portal will be open until Sunday night.

In regards to our after school supervision pick-up times, I would like to commend our Parent Community and, again, all of our supervisors for making the process work so well thus far. It is important to keep in mind that as parent drivers we always need to be punctual in reference to pick up times, aware of our speed in the parking lot, of staying off your cellphones while your driving, and to back-in to the parking stalls whenever possible.

Thank you for your continued support and kindness,

Mr. Dino Alberti